Water Efficiency Innovations

Over the years we’ve developed several innovative water efficiency products – often with patent granted or patent pending status – designed to inspire existing customers and introduce new people to water-saving. By innovating smart solutions and actively promoting them, we are making a difference to water efficiency in the UK. Here’s just a few of our own products:

BathBuoy™ Making bath time magical. BathBuoy

BathBuoyTM is an innovative, inflatable accessory designed to save up to 30 litres every bath time. The device inflates and attaches to the bottom of the bath. To store, simply wipe BathBuoy clean with a cloth and attach to wall tiles to drip dry over the bath. Patent pending. We have delivered almost 100,000 BathBuoy products into the UK market.

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GunkPot™ Stops sink blockages. BathBuoy

With over 50% of sewer blockages caused by fats and oils being poured down the sink, we developed GunkPotTM, a pop-up container with a silicone plate scraper to safely scrape away pots and pans and a sink strainer to catch any leftover food bits going down the drain. We have delivered more than 150,000 GunkPots into the UK market.

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LeakyLoo See if your toilet is leaking. BathBuoy

With a leaking toilet wasting up to 400 litres of water every day, LeakyLooTM is a strip of biodegradable water soluble paper designed to detect even the smallest of leaks. It attaches to the back of the pan and flushes away without blockage. We have delivered almost 100,000 LeakyLoo strips into the UK market.

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CombiSmart Hot water without the waste. BathBuoy

CombiSmart is a simple thermostatic device that accelerates the heating process by holding back water while the Combi boiler heats it to the right temperature. In doing this, it is able to dramatically reduce water wastage and utility bills. We have delivered almost 35,000 CombiSmart devices into the UK market, each saving around £85 on utility bills every year.

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ToothyTimer 2 minute toothy timer. BathBuoy

ToothyTimer encourages kids to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth for two minutes, as recommended by the British Dental Health Foundation. We have delivered more than 250,000 ToothyTimers into the UK market, saving each household up to 24 litres every day.

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